Yuneec Tornado H920+ - $1,300 (Lebanon)

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If you are looking for the largest off-the-shelf drone that Yuneec produces, you’ll be looking at the Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus. This is a sizable hexacopter made to haul a fair sized camera. By default, you’ll launch with the CGO4, which compares nicely to the Panasonic GH4. Was that a collaboration? Well, go ahead and install the camera gimbal to launch with the GH4 itself. In the end, the H920 Plus is an older drone, it’s still reliable and masters the basics, but runs Yuneec’s older in-house software.

Bottom line, if you need a powerful drone for your more basic Hollywood camera flight needs, the Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus is a solid consideration.

I purchased this package used, intending it to replace my Yuneec Typhoon H, but as they say, “life happens.”

I took everything out of the cases to inspect it, then before the weather cleared to fly it, I got sick.

I had an allergic reaction to a medication which has left me disabled… so much so I can’t lift the bird at all. I’ve had to give up flying anything over a pound.

The H920+ is complete with everything in the photos, including a glass controller screen cover, with two hard cases.

Sold as is.

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