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Do you have a life insurance policy in place for when you pass away?

The TRUTH is.... most people have the wrong kind of Life Insurance for their needs and budget!

* Some people are placed in trashy products like the Term policies that go up every few years! Ugh, they hook you in with a low price, then surprise you with a huge rate increase without telling you when you sign.

* Some people are placed high priced plans, simply because they worked with a Captive Agent who only had a few products to choose from. Uhhhh! I want a second opinion from an independent broker with 50 companies!

* Some people are placed in an ACCIDENTAL ONLY plan that won't pay out from sickness. This is way more common than you'd think.

*Some people are overpaying because they were placed in the WRONG HEALTH CLASS, meaning the insurance company only considered you of average health but a different insurance carrier would have considered you perfectly healthy.

* Some people have a small whole life policy that will cover burial costs but what they really need is a much larger 30 year term policy to pair with their 30 year mortgage.

*Some people have a term policy that will lapse in 10-30 years, leaving them with no coverage and losing all their premiums, all the while they could have been placed in a properly structured IUL which would have given them whole life coverage and exponential cash value growth that they can withdraw or borrow from. IULs are a TikTok phenomenon, because they're a no-brainer!

*Some people have too many policies and they need to be consolidated into one.

*Some people have a policy for themselves but not their spouse or children.

*Some people don't have a policy at all, because they don't know who to talk to, how much they need, or how to get the lowest price with the best coverage.

As an independent, nationally licensed broker with 50+ carriers and 7 years of experience, I can solve any one of these problems.

It's time for a second opinion. It's never too late. You're not too old or young, healthy or unhealthy to get the right life insurance policy to secure your loved ones when you pass away. We're all going to die, we all have people who are going to cry and suffer when we go. We should all leave something behind to relieve that suffering.

Get your free policy review, needs analysis and quotes today by calling or texting 541-243-7440.
Or book a time on my calendar by going to www.JoshuaHolm.com

No BS, no wasting time. I'm either going to tell you to stay where you are, help you with a plan, or point you in the right direction. I'm one of the good guys you can trust to handle your insurance with respect and professional attention.

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