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Getting out of the Aquarium Hobby and looking to part with a few items to put towards a different hobby...

Items all work, if its not listed here with a price its Free if you purchase any of the other stuff.

Co2 Regulator + Milwaukee MC120 PH controller - Asking $200 obo
The Regulator has a stop in place so it doesn't go past a specific pressure, i dont recall what it was, but it didnt effect any diffuser I used
The solenoid is broken, its stuck ON, cheap fix if you know how, otherwise I had my Co2 on 24/7 at a very very low drip, and used the PH controller to regulate it
Come with 10lb empty Co2
Also the White Object is a DIY Co2 Injector/diffuser, free, I can explain how it works, use it for parts or something

48" Finnex Planted+ $75 obo
Purchased Feb 2019, this is the one with the controller to make rain storms and change day and night

48" BeamsWorld DA FSPEC $25
This is a cheap generic LED light off amazon, purchased Jul 2019

Two Hygger LED lights Auto ON OFF
Purchased Jan 2022, also cheap Amazon lights with build in timers that do full light, and dim to blue for Moon effects
18-24" $20
12-17" $15

Aquatop Platinum 400w heater $20

Fluval Stratum soil, literally only 4 months old, I have 51lbs of it, purchased to change up the aquarium in hopes of sparking joy, it did not... Great stuff though, was easy to work with. $50, Huge savings... lets not talk about it

FREE Stuff - if you purchase other stuff
crushed coral
Old test kits
Aquarium fertilizers
various foods
couple fans
small filters

80 gallon Rimless - $600 obo
Throwing this out there, custom build Rimless aquarium, purchased through the Wet Spot in Portland OR
48" long, 24" wide 16" Tall
Drilled in the back for plumbing
This aquarium is 10 years old, holds water fine, but its 10 years old so this is AS IS. Im probably covering the holes with silicone and glass and turning this into a mini vivarium when I inevitably cant sell it..

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