3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns - $150 (Corvallis)

3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns 1 thumbnail3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns 2 thumbnail3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns 3 thumbnail3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns 4 thumbnail3d Printed Mask : Skulldog with Horns 5 thumbnail
This project was meant to end part of a full dramatic costume, but I lost steam and hung it on my wall back in 2020 and that's where it's remained since (quite the statement piece)! The head is 3D printed and made by 3DPlanetProps on Etsy. The horns (Kudu I believe?) are cast by DVC / DreamVision Creations. They're permanently attached with hardware and seamlessly blended with the skull using apoxie clay. Everything has been painted but not yet sealed since there was more painting I intended to do. These shades of grey make the perfect primed surface for whatever designs you may have in mind! The eye sockets feature layers of fine mesh and look awesomely dark from the outside while still allowing for great vision for the wearer. There's some padding in the forehead but I recommend adding more to the chin to fit your particular face and make articulating the jaw easier. The hardware shipped with this skull (O-ring and straps) allow it to be worn as-is but not super comfortably as the mask wants to slip forward, especially if you're wearing a balaclava. Could use some better hardware or additional straps. Or just build a neck for this creature and add some counterbalance! Throwing in a pair of LED eyelights. Balaclava not included. More pics and vids available upon request! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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