Greenhouse (Delivery!)

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Cedar Greenhouses for sale

Call Today 8-5 Mon-Friday

Delivery included in price

On site builds available

8mm twin wall polycarbonate

-Superior insulation to hold the
-thicker then kit greenhouses
-same as what is used on commercial greenhouses
-high impact strength, will not
break like glass
-full panels for a tight greenhouse

Cedar frame or optional pressure treat

Heavy duty metal trim

Minimal wood exposed for low maintenance

Tall sides and peak for more room

Floor less

Your choice of what to set it on

Exhaust fan to bring that fresh air in which is plug in ready with 3 speeds and thermostat

Vents in roof and or end wall that are solar operated

Shelves, bench for increased growing space

Potting tray with shelf underneath

Know where your food is coming from
Grow your own!

Support Local

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