Golden Albino Female Axolotl

Looking to rehome Ava, the one year old axolotl salamander girl. She’s a stunningly beautiful golden albino with lots of iridophores (shiny spots) and she’s such a good pet- very alert, friendly, and curious. She’ll swim up to you to see what you’re doing when you come into the room.
I would definitely keep her if I could, as she’s a sweetheart, but my other female axolotl that I’ve had longer didn’t take to her and I don’t have the space to keep two separate setups indefinitely.
She eats a live nightcrawler worm every other day and does very well on that diet (she’s always so excited to catch them and swims up to the top to take them out of your hand). I get the worms at the sport supply store as fishing bait for a good price- if you keep them in the fridge they stay alive for a long time. If you want to know more about how to take care of her I would be happy to elaborate, as I’m an experienced herptile keeper and have years of axolotl experience.
I got her as a rescue from a situation that didn’t feed or take care of her properly and she is now quite happy and healthy!
I’m not looking to make a profit on her at all, I just want her to go to a good home, so I’ll only be charging a small rehoming fee of 60$ which is what I paid for her.

Let me know if you’re interested or if you have any questions!

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