Sand boas (Sweet Home)

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I'm possibly rehoming my breeding pair of sand boas. The female is anery and about 2 years old. She's living in a 40-gallon breeder tank with a heat light and uvb. Along with a thermostat. Water bowl. Large hide. And fake plants. She's a very active girl and has a great eating response. She's currently tong fed frozen mice. About 3 every 2 weeks.
The male is about 7 months old. He's a normal morph. He's currently in a petco keeper tank, but I do have a 20 gallon long tank I bought for him. It's simply just not set up. He's eating 2-3 pinky mice every week. He is also very sweet. I handle them both quite often almost every day.
The female in her 40 gallon should be good for life in a tank that big. The male in the 20-gallon long should be good for life in that.
I'm looking to rehome them due to family relocation. This is very hard for me as they are my dream snake breed. I would like to have an interested and invested person or family open to adopting them for when the time comes. They have both also been handled by children and do great. I am also looking for a rehoming fee. 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Just to replace some of the cost to make the enclosers and them thereselfs. You're welcome to adopt them together or separately.
If you're interested, please email or text me with any questions, concerns, or the rehoming fee. Thank you for reading.

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