Vehicle Computer Module Adjustments - $1 (Albany)

Would you like to have computer controlled settings in your vehicle changed, or want to get the most from your engine or transmission by adjusting the computer for better performance and shifting?
Watersports season is getting close! SeaDoo speed limiter removal. Get ready for the water!
I offer services that vary from simple adjustments that can be done on site in about an hours time, all the way to precise road "Tuning" of factory/stock vehicles or heavily modified engines/transmissions.
Is there a new/young driver in the family and you want to lower the speed limiter for safety, peace of mind and to avoid speeding tickets? The cost of one ticket could pay for the service!
Do you have a vehicle with Displacement On Demand/Active Fuel Management that shuts off cylinders when under light load and you would rather have all cylinders available at all times? Or the auto stop/start at a stoplight?
How about the Skip Shift in manual transmissions that nobody likes, lets get rid of that!
Electric fan temperatures can be adjusted. Disable AntiTheft Systems to bypass the dreaded chip in the key and needing to go to the dealer, or for PCM swaps.
Remove the throttle delay on Dodge cars and trucks.
Have you made modifications to the intake or exhaust and need sensors recalibrated for accuracy? Want a more responsive throttle or better transmission shifts?
Many other options and services available. Availability of options and prices for services vary by vehicle, and not all vehicles are supported. I would need the year, make, model, engine, the type of transmission and what you would like done to give accurate prices. NO BMWs or Hondas!

DOD/AFM disable Speed limiter changes Shift speed/firmness Program upgraded lighting/audio/power/ACC systems Hyperflash corrections Windows down from keyFob G.O.A.T. mode Double honk delete Add features to dash SRT mode TPMS display pressure changes Tire size speedometer adjustments Wideband installation Data logging Engine control adjustments Horsepower Tuning Torque Sensor calibration Timing Fuel adjustments PCM ECU TCM BCM Module

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