$500 / 2br - Move into The White Rose (Lebanon)

south 2nd street, Lebanon, OR 97355

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south 2nd street near east Maple Street
2BR / 3Ba available jun 1
rent period: monthly
Welcome to the The White Rose!

We are a neurodivergent house with a love for so many things nerdy and geeky. We are 420 and LGBTQIA+ friendly and looking for two people to help fill out our party! We especially love table top rpg's and it will show!

A little about the house:

It's a two story rustic Victorian style home, with 5 bedrooms, a smaller guest room, two common area's, full kitchen, and three bathrooms. Built in 1886, it is somewhat of a landmark in the town and it is an eccentric house for certain. As a bit of a fixer upper it has it's flaws. It's a bit worn and beaten up. But it's got the essentials, and cool old fashioned features you wouldn't get in most modern homes! High ceilings, large rooms, ghosts, and a Victorian era style.

We only have two neighbors, a small family in front and one that keeps to himself behind us, with a parking lot right next to the house we are free to use.

There are currently three of us that are living here, We are looking for two people to move in hopefully before June. The total rent is $2,500 a month, but each person signs a lease with the landlord to pay their own share. So with 5 total occupants that's only $500 per person, plus utilities, which are also equally divided (On average anywhere between 120-180 a month depending how cold it is). Each person will have to apply with the landlord separately.

We do accept animals! The landlord is very strict about it though, and bringing a pet does require an additional $400 non-refundable deposit.

However we work together as a party, with open communication, and divvying up shared responsibilities so everyone has a part. We also support each house mates boundaries and individuality.

Plus we have the best internet the area has to offer, if that helps sway your mind.

A little about the current housemates:

Vivien (She/her), Alias: Vyx, 33, Witch (half wizard, half sorcerer, all out of spell slots).

A primarily introverted transwoman, who sticks to herself most of the time, but catch her in the kitchen when she's feeling talkative and you'll be trapped in her "just chatting" spell for hours. Though she is introverted, she loves being invited to play games with fellow housemates. Cards, board, whatever it may be. Loves ttrpg's, anime, video games, books, and is always in the mindset of a DM. She is a new streamer (currently on hiatus) so she tends to get busy. Unofficial head of the household, available as a mediator between the housemates, and does her best to keep everything working.

Christopher (Fluid), Alias: KD, 22, Bard (Has charisma for daaaaayyyys).

He's gentle and friendly, always willing to hear someone out and give a hug or hype them up. Which ever they need. He knows, everyone, and that's barely an exaggeration. He loves to sit and chill, or go out on rides in the car, and... I promise he's not a dog! He is a man, though he tends to be flexible about that sometimes. He's just got great golden retriever energy.

Rubi (she/her), Alias: Damnit Rubi, 22, Warlock, (We aren't sure what, but she definitely made a deal with some eldritch horror).

Rubi is an outgoing but very shy transwoman. She is sweet, and always wants to help. Even if sometimes her idea of help is a bit baffling. She likes to socialize as much as possible, and still holds some of her childlike wonder. But when she gets comfortable she will try, with all her power, to make you question everything. Sometimes it's fun and interesting to have these conversations. Sometimes you're left sighing and wondering what otherworldly being is swaying her. But one thing people can always say, she's a trip regardless.

That's everything! We know this place may seem like an oddball, but it's a home to us, and we'd love to meet you and see if you'd like to join. Bonus points if you know where the name of the house came from. ;)

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