Polaris Terminal Board - $15 (Halsey)

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This Polaris 4040056 TERMINAL BOARD fits the following models and components:

Polaris ATV 1999 TRAIL BOSS - A99AA25CA Electrical/Taillight

Polaris ATV 1996 400L 6X6 - W968740 Electrical/Taillight 6X6 400L & 6X6 400L Norwegian N968740

Polaris ATV 1996 NORWEGIAN 400L 6X6 - N968740 Electrical/Taillight 6X6 400L W968740 & 6X6 400L Norwegian

Polaris ATV 1995 MAGNUM 4X4 - W958144 Electrical/Taillight Assembly

Polaris ATV 1995 300 2X4 - W957530 Electrical/Taillight Assembly 2X4 300

Polaris ATV 1995 400L 2X4 - W957540 Electrical/Taillight Assembly 2X4 400L

Polaris ATV 1995 300 4X4 - W958130 Electrical/Taillight Assembly 4X4 300

Polaris ATV 1995 BIG BOSS 6X6 400L - W958740 Electrical/Taillight Assembly 6X6 400L, U.S. , Swedish S958740 & N

Polaris ATV 1995 MAGNUM 2X4 - W957544 Electrical/Taillight Assembly Magnum 2X4

Polaris ATV 1995 SPORT 400L - W958540 Electrical/Taillight Assembly Sport 400L

Polaris ATV 1995 SPORTSMAN 4X4 - W958040 Electrical/Taillight Assembly Sportsman 4X4

Polaris ATV 1995 TRAIL BOSS 250 - W958527 Electrical/Taillight Assembly Trail Boss

Polaris ATV 1995 SWEDISH MAGNUM 4X4 - S958144 Electrical/Taillight Assembly W958144

Polaris ATV 1995 NORWEGIAN MAGNUM 4X4 - N958144 Electrical/Taillight Assembly W958144

Polaris ATV 1996 MAGNUM 2X4 - W967544 Electrical/Taillight Magnum 2X4

Polaris ATV 1996 MAGNUM 4X4 - W968144 Electrical/Taillight Magnum 4X4 & Swedish Magnum 4X4 S968144

Polaris ATV 1996 SWEDISH MAGNUM 4X4 - S968144 Electrical/Taillight Magnum 4X4 W968144 & Swedish Magnum 4X4

Polaris ATV 1996 MAGNUM 6X6 - W968744 Electrical/Taillight Magnum 6X6 & Magnum 6X6 Swedish S968744

Polaris ATV 1996 SWEDISH MAGNUM 6X6 - S968744 Electrical/Taillight Magnum 6X6 W968744 & Magnum 6X6 Swedish

Polaris ATV 1996 SPORTSMAN 4X4 - W968040 Electrical/Taillight Sportsman 4X4

Polaris ATV 1996 TRAIL BOSS - W968527 Electrical/Taillight Trail Boss

Polaris ATV 1998 TRAIL BOSS - W98AA25C Electrical/Taillight Trail Boss

Polaris ATV 1997 TRAIL BOSS - W97AA25C Electrical/Taillight Trail Boss

I Have 2 of these, sold separately.

$15 each

Text is best, I don't check my email much.

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