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Computer Motherboards NEW For Gaming Crypto Mining Servers Video CAD - $120 (Corvallis)


condition: new
cryptocurrency ok
make / manufacturer: MSI/ASUS

Brand New In Original Packaging Computer Motherboards. 1 Asus and 2 MSI. $120 each or $320 for all. These sold for $200 a piece or more. These are high end gaming mother boards with overclocking capabilities.

These are brand new mother boards that are overstock from a large Cryptocurrency data center project.

We use these motherboards for Cryptocurrency Mining. While an excellent Gaming Board with a rich set of amazing features... we chose these boards because we had the capability of hooking up as many as 6-8 NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti or RTX 2080 Ti GPUs to these systems. GTX 1070s, and 1060s and 1050s also fit here as well. You aren't limited to Nvidia either. Any PCI compliant Graphics card will work. There are dozens of brands out there: EVGA, Asus, Gigabyte, Zotac, MSI, and more.

Do I need to even say anymore about these killer MBs?? How fast would your gaming be with 2+ GTX 1080 Ti GPUs? lol It's time to get serious about your craft!!

Grab the model number off these photos and do a little research... you'll find they are a real value.

You want to put a dual 1080 Ti Configuration in place with bridge links (which I actually have also) you can have one hell. of a bad azz. custom gaming system!!

Use these Motherboards for the following:

- Everyday Computer Use - Especially when you plan to operate in a Graphics Heavy Environment.
- Build a Computer and Load any OS you like, Windows, Windows Server 2019, Linux, CentOS, RedHat, etc.
- Great for AutoCAD Systems, Design Work, Architecture Work
- Great for Video Editing... anything where Graphics and Video is a top priority.
- Killer Gaming Systems
- Crypto Mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and literally a 100 additional CryptoCurrencies, Use Exchanges to convert to the Crypto you actually want.)
- A.I. computing.... Utilize the Cuda Cores from your provided GPUs and explore machine learning and A.I.
- Tons of other uses. Even scary and frighteningly fast hacking... but I can't talk about that here.

CPUs and Awesome Memory Modules are also available. Give me a call and we can put a core system together for you if you want? Or I just the parts. (additional charge applies)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Separate item offered here (pre-owned core tower system):

I do have one core system available currently, (pre-owned, very clean environment) with 1 MSI Z270 M5 Motherboard ($200), ATX Case ($100), Power Supply ($125), Extra LED Cooling Fans ($50), Intel Core i3 7th Gen Processor ($100), 128GB SS Hard Drive ($80), with 16 GB of DDR4 3,000 MHz Super Fast Patriot Viper Memory ($200 just for this part alone) I CAN SELL YOU ALL THIS WHOLE CORE SYSTEM FOR $375 OBO. or $500 in a Pro GPU Crypto Mining Rig Configuration (see below for details).

This system can be used for Crypto and will handle 6 GPUs when setup correctly.
GPU risers for Cypto Mining are also available ($10) each.

Asic Crypto Mining Gear is Also available.

Email and let's discuss. I'm happy to help you.

* * * * * *
Interested in Crypto Mining? Check out these Videos to get started. The Core System offered above can be sold for $500 above with Racks, PDU, GPU Risers and extra power supplies and cabling, everything you need to get started... you simply add your own GPUs and configure... and you are up and running.

Save hundreds of hours of time and costly mistakes with one of our pro rigs from our production line and use it for a model to build your own additional systems in the future. Copy and paste the URL into your browser: Nice starter info Good Build Info. Our System Rack Builds are Far Superior and much safer than this.

Why do Crypto Mining? Because These Crypto Rigs are basically a means of converting your computer equipment into an ATM machine. You are literally making yourself the Federal Reserve Bank of your household converting electrical energy into U.S. Dollars. That's what the buzz is all about. It's a form of passive income and the computer does all the work for you. Get yourself a BitPay Debit Visa card (its a bank card, not a credit card, no credit necessary) which specializes in receiving cryptocurrency transactions... and you literally walk upto the ATM and pull out cash like any other bank card. Completely safe and 100% legal!! You get paid for your mining rig to perform calculations on the blockchain... which pays out on a set schedule by the blockchain algorithm. Those crypto you gather through this mining process (all done automatically by your mining rig) is your paycheck. Send it to your BitPay card (who cashes out your crypto for US Currency)... and go take your spouse to nicest restaurant in town! When you build up $3,000... it's a lot of fun to take your wife around town going from ATM to ATM withdrawing $500-700 at a time and asking her to hold onto that in the Car while you get around the ATM daily withdrawal limits. If you end up doing this crypto mining commercially, plan to carry a holstered pistol (follow concealed carry laws), just like any other cash handling employee of Loomis, Brinks or Garda. Stay safe out there with your cash handling runs. Look around you. Make sure people aren't near you and watching how much you pull out. BTW - if you are already at your chosen bank, you can take that cash you pull from you BitPay Visa Card and immediately deposit that cash right back into the ATM to your bank account. So you can reduce your over all physical cash exposure to less than 1 minute.

Thanks for Reading!! Now it's time for you to join our ranks as a fellow Geek. Get your Geek On!!

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