Project Car for Retired Gear-head-HELP! (Corvallis/Albany/ Portland/Lebanon)

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condition: fair
πŸš—πŸ”§ **WANTED: Project Car for Retired Gear-head!** πŸ”§πŸš—

Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts and potential lifesavers! πŸš€ Are you hiding a rust bucket in your backyard, in front of your house, or in your garage or barn? Well, this might just be your lucky day!

I'm a retired boomer with way too much free time, and I'm on the hunt for my next big project. I'm looking for a car that doesn't have to run (seriously, it probably shouldn't), because I want to spend my days turning wrenches, not turning keys. Got an old clunker or a car that refuses to cooperate and you'er sick and tired of looking at it. Do you have vintage beauty in need of some serious TLC? I'm your man!

**What I'm Looking For:**
- **Condition:** The rustier, the better! (But let's not get too crazy, I'm not looking for a tetanus shot).
- **Make/Model:** I'm not picky – if it’s got four wheels and a body, I’m interested. A foreign thing is not out of the question.
- **Location:** If it's local, great! If not, my grandkids love road trips!

**Bonus Points For:**
- **Creative Decay:** Missing parts? Awesome! Mismatched doors? Even better!
- **Vintage Vibes:** Anything pre-1990 gets my heart racing.
- **Stories:** If your car has a wild backstory, I want to hear it!

I promise to give your old car a loving home and a chance at a second life. It will be the highlight of my retirement and possibly keep me out of my wife's hair, out of the bars, and probably out of jail.

πŸ“· Pictures of your project cars are a must! Please send a couple of snaps so I can fall in love at first sight.

Let's turn your forgotten heap of metal into my next great adventure! πŸš™βœ¨

Can't wait to see what you've got hiding away!
Thanks for reading, and let’s get this project rolling (or at least, towed to my place)! πŸ› οΈπŸ‘΄

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